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Welcome to IDA Central Ohio

2017 International Dyslexia Association recipient for the Branch Excellence Award for Program and Community Outreach.

The International Dyslexia Association Central Ohio inspires action to transform education for learners with dyslexia.

Located in the capital of the bellwether Buckeye state, we serve the children, families and educators in 28 area school districts with an enrollment of 210,000 students– more than one in 10 children in the state– in addition to charter, private and home schools seeking counsel.

Our Impact: Learners with dyslexia will achieve success in K-12 and make a positive transition to college and careers.

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We’re so excited!  IDA Central Ohio presented to the Ohio State Board of Education. We invite you to watch the video presentation which discusses how reading taught in schools does not work and provides the solution.  Here is a link to the video and to the slide presentation to ODE.

Presenters were:
Mike McGovern – IDA Central Ohio President
Blythe Wood – IDA Central Ohio Vice-President, Pickerington School District Academic/Behavior Coach, CALT, ICALP
Steve Griffin – Marysville School District Literacy Director MA CCC-SLP
Heatherlee Hull – Parent from Mt Gilead
Our video presentation begins at the 54:15 mark
*When they filmed the presentation our presentation slides could not be seen so we have attached a link. Please reference them as you watch the video. – IDA Central Ohio Presentation Slide

IDA Recognized as an “Outstanding Organization” by the Child Mind Institute and Crowdsourced Votes

This spring, the Child Mind Institute nominated the International Dyslexia Association for their Outstanding Organization award that is won by crowdsourced voting. “This award recognizes an organization for their uncompromising support of young people who struggle with mental health and learning disorders and the professionals who work to help them is results-oriented and have proven success.”

IDA wishes to thank all of its members, volunteers, staff and the entire dyslexia community for contributing to 70 years of changing lives and for taking the time to vote for a cause that has an impact on every person struggling to do something most of us take for granted—READ!

You Are Not Alone!




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