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Welcome to IDA Central Ohio

The International Dyslexia Association Central Ohio inspires action to transform education for learners with dyslexia.

Our National IDA Office announces 
DyslexiaCon 2023 
It will be here in Columbus! 
Oct 12 – 14, 2023 



For the first time in history, the IDA home office is hosting DyslexiaCon 2023 in Columbus! Last year the conference included about 150 speakers and 73 breakout sessions. This is a great opportunity to learn from leaders in the field.

This event is not just about dyslexia. It is about proper literacy instruction for ALL children. Make your plans now so you can be sure to attend this fantastic literacy event.

Given the timing of the new Ohio Dyslexia Law (Connor’s Odyssey: The Right to Read Law) and Governor DeWine’s strong support for the Science of Reading, this is a great opportunity for Ohioans!

This large, international conference is a fantastic opportunity for educators, administrators, and families to network with people from across the globe who share your passion for literacy. DyslexiaCon 2023 will be held in person with virtual on-demand recordings.

Make plans to come for 3 days of learning, sharing and networking at the Hyatt Regency Columbus located downtown Columbus.


Connor’s Odyssey: The Right to Read Law  (HB 436)

Ohio Dyslexia Law: Strategies for Compliance and Monitoring
  • Have you heard of the new Ohio Dyslexia Law and want to learn more?
  • Are you interested in hearing about the potential challenges in the implementation of the law?
  • Do you want to feel empowered to monitor how these changes will impact your child?
This presentation will be an in-depth guide to complying with the Ohio Dyslexia Law and how stakeholders can monitor the practical implementation of its key provisions
Presented by:
Kerry M. Agins, Esq.  Board of Directors, IDA Northern Ohio
When: May 15, 2023
Cost: FREE Webinar
Co-presented by:
IDA Central Ohio,  OH-KID, and IDA Northern Ohio (NOBIDA)

Dyslexia Screening, Intervention, and Teacher Training Roadmap 1.0   

We are pleased to present the Dyslexia Screening, Intervention, and Teacher Training Roadmap.
The Dyslexia Screening, Intervention, and Teacher Training Roadmap is complete. The Roadmap was created by 5 public school districts in conjunction with IDA Central Ohio. It was presented and discussed by a panel of representatives from 6 public school districts at the Ohio Summit on Dyslexia on February 3, 2020.
The Roadmap is certainly not inclusive of everything you need to know about literacy and dyslexia, but it will be a useful tool to assist your local school district in supporting striving readers. This is our initial version of the document so there are areas that may require more explanation. If you have feedback or ideas for future content, please email us or comment on our social media. Please share the Roadmap with your local school districts and other advocates for literacy.


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