Volunteers Needed for United Readers of America

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Volunteers needed!
Below is a message from a local OG tutor that has started a service to help students in the Columbus Public Schools.    Please note:  The IDA supports this program but training you receive is not a complete program and therefore is not an IDA certified training program. We recognize there are times, due to unfortunate circumstances such as lack of resources, funding, time constraints or other issues, that this cannot be accomplished.
MESSAGE FROM U.R.A Reader (United Readers of America)
Learning to read isn’t easy for every child and when a child falls behind in reading, not only is there an academic gap to close, but also an emotional one.  With emotional defeat and failure setting in – quickly.
United Readers of America (URA Reader), a non-profit organization is taking this on, with one-on-one tutoring in 2 Columbus City Schools this year.  URA will train volunteers in an Orton-Gillingham based program that is proven to solve even the most difficult reading disabilities – children with the markers for dyslexia, those who are learning a second language, and children who due to social-economic difficulties, are not able to keep up with their peers in the classroom.
In order to reach the neediest students, we need more volunteers from the community. URA provides the resources and  volunteers at no cost to the school.
Help us change the lives of these students forever!
To sign up, click here.
To view an informative video, click here.

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