Podcasts, Videos and Webinars

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Podcasts, Videos & Webinars

Although it is wise to be skeptical of much that you read on the Internet about dyslexia, both iTunes and YouTube can provide individuals with dyslexia and their parents a wealth of excellent, reliable information about dyslexia. Below are some free podcasts or video clips you may wish to listen to or watch:

iTunes Podcasts

This is a parent-friendly podcast lecture, given by Drs. Sally and Bennett Shaywitz, pediatricians, neuroscientists, and professors of medicine at Yale University:

Professor Uta Frith, an internationally-renowned expert on dyslexia, has a number of very short podcasts on dyslexia. Just type “Uta Frith” into the search engine on the iTunes website. Some of her podcasts are listed below:

YouTube Videos

Children of the Code


NBC News: Successful Entrepreneurs with Dyslexia


Dr. Reid G. Lyon, formerly of the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development, as part of the Reading Rockets program. There are other YouTube videos of Dr. Lyon.


Dr. Louisa Moats, a renowned speech/language pathologist, has a number of videos on YouTube, including:

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